Participant in the the games of chance online, is every person who creates online user betting account at Meridianbet whit accoordance with this terms, rule book and Law of the Montenegro. Participant can register only one account at site of the organizer. 

In case of recognizing multiple user accounts with same data, the organizer reserves the right to delete all account but the oldest and to cancel all transactions and bets placed with those accounts. Customer / participant can not place same bet multiple times, or bet with the identical, same single selection. In case that participant make identical, same bets, the organizer reserves the right to cancel all bets but first placed bet.

The organizer reserves the right at any time, without explanation to refuse any bet or part of it. Without conditional explanation, the organizer can close user betting account and refund the balance of the customer.

The organizer reserves the right at any time (including a time after the bet is submited) to refuse or cancel, any bet or part of the bet if in its discretion determines that there is an agreement between the various participants or connection between their user accounts. The organizer reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against the same participants.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel any bets if the integrity of the sport event is threatened.

Considering the hight security standards we follow, withdrawal can be made only by the owner of the betting account. In order to prove identity, user must send documents and in that way, verify his betting account.

To verify account, user must send us following documentation:
- Proof of identity: a picture of your identity card (front and back);
- Proof of address: a copy of a recent bill (telephone, electricity or the like.);