Free Spins: Collecting and Usage

In order to explain in the best possible way how to get free spins the entire procedure of collecting and using Free Spins is presented in the following example.

One of the games is used as an example, but the procedure is either very similar or completely the same in the rest of the games.



In order to use free spins, you need to accept them by selecting the option Use Free Games Now.

If you select the option Use Later, when you open the game again the same message will appear with Free Spins where you can select Use Free Games Now.

To start the Free Spins, you need to press SPIN each time, where the field BET is marked with FREE meaning that you are using Free Spins and the field WIN shows the winnings from that spin.

If you leave the game before you use all free spins, when you open the game again a message will show, where you need to select Continue, and you will pick up where you left off.

During the game, in the bottom right corner, you can see how many unused free spins you have left in the Free Games option, where the information is shown, and when do they expire, that is, when do the free spins expire.

If you choose to select SKIP OFFER, that is, you do not wish to use our offer, a message will show where you need to confirm that you really do not want our free spins and in this case you select the option DISCARD.

If you change your mind and wish to continue with free spins just select CANCEL and continue where you left off.