Dragons Myth Online Slot

Dragons Myth Online Slot

The dragons were always interesting for different types of slots due to their features.

In the past we saw a number of slots where the main roles were divided between all kinds of dragons, whether positive or negative.

However, this time we meet something completely new, the “Dragon Myth” offering a series of new ideas and solutions, offering several types of bonus games, a new method of payout within the lines, and never seen before animations in just one slot game. The hero of the game is a redhead girl that goes on a brave adventure in order to catch 4 types of dragons that appear in the game, that win different number of points.

Regarding the game and the method of winning points, we will start with the “standard part” where it is required, irrelevant of the pay lines, to get 3 or more free spin symbols in the form of the “Dragon Volcano”

3 Free Spins symbols generate 10 free spins

4 Free Spins symbols generate 15 free spins

5 Free Spins symbols generate 20 free spins

Also, during the game, the Wild symbol (Joker) appears in the form of the redhead girl. It is a replacement for all the symbols in 20 pay lines, except, of course, Free Spins, Bonus Symbol and Shoot Symbol.

What’s new? There are a lot of news when it comes to winning the largest and most frequent number of points.

Let’s start from the top. During the game, a special field appears in the last reel in the form of bars, where it is necessary to catch one of the four dragons, which wins extra points. By collecting all four dragons you win a special award (Free spins are won on this image, and the red dragon is captured).

As with all slots, it is necessary to win points in reels from left to the right. However, during the free spins, with this slot, it is possible to win points in both direction, from the left to the right and from the right to the left!

After winning 3 or more Free Spins symbols, in addition to winning points in both directions, there is a possibility of one more symbol appearing, and that is the Bonus symbol (on the second image in the last reel).

If it appears on free spins the Bonus symbol adds 3 free spins to the remaining ones and leads to the Dragon Mountain where you will continue with free spins but you will win another symbol, which is the Fixed Wild symbol.

You set the Fixed Wild symbols yourself. That is, you practically get the right to set a Wild symbol, the Joker in the remaining spins in several fields that are marked. Also, during the Bonus, it is possible to get one more bonus symbol, which practically means setting one more Fixed Joker during the spin.

Gamble is also an option within the game, but unlike other games where you pick between the red and the black card, here, you will pick between the yellow or the blue dragon egg.

The game will never bore you. A lot of interesting bonus games, a different scoring system where, in the beginning you will certainly pause to see what was missing for the big win, it will surely draw your attention and make you spin once more, and to make things perfect, it has great animation, interesting theme and excellent sound during the game.

What is also important, great balance was made between the length of playing and scoring. You will play and points will return, and with little luck, you will strike big winnings.