• In order to qualify for Turbo Payout you need to have at least 3 winning bets on your ticket
  • Turbo Payout is possible only for matches that didn't start.
  • If you meet all the requirements, and your request is sent, you will not be able to cancel the request.
  • Once you accept Turbo Payout, your ticket becomes winning in accordance with the rules.
  • If the procedure for Turbo Payout is finished, you will not be able to stop the transaction.
  • If you do not meet all the requirements for Turbo Payout, your request will be rejected.
  • * This is not applicable for the system bets.

How to send Turbo Payout

Once all the requirements are met:

Step 1

Find your ticket in My Account > Ticket review.

Open your ticket.

Step 2

Press Turbo Payout button and wait for confirmation:

Step 3

Wait for a few moments:

Step 4

You will receive a message on the amount to be paid or you will be rejected:

Step 5

When your Turbo Payout is finished click Close: